Buncombe County, North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 AMMONS, David P.  Abt 1820Buncombe County, North Carolina I36517 Schultheis 
2 AMMONS, John Haskett  Between 1820 and 1825Buncombe County, North Carolina I21313 Schultheis 
3 AMMONS, John M.  Abt 1770Buncombe County, North Carolina I11423 Schultheis 
4 AMMONS, Mary Ann  22 Feb 1821Buncombe County, North Carolina I12900 Schultheis 
5 AMMONS, Sarah  20 Jan 1818Buncombe County, North Carolina I10026 Schultheis 
6 AMMONS, Thomas A.  Abt 1799Buncombe County, North Carolina I11426 Schultheis 
7 AMMONS, Thomas H.  Abt 1825Buncombe County, North Carolina I37665 Schultheis 
8 AMMONS, Young  Abt 1798Buncombe County, North Carolina I11427 Schultheis 
9 ANGEL, James E.  Abt 1794Buncombe County, North Carolina I36747 Schultheis 
10 ANGEL, Lewis Marvel  1 Jan 1819Buncombe County, North Carolina I36745 Schultheis 
11 BARNES, Anna  Abt 1819Buncombe County, North Carolina I24949 Schultheis 
12 BOYD, Caroline  Abt 1832Buncombe County, North Carolina I24986 Schultheis 
13 BOYD, Martha  Abt 1835Buncombe County, North Carolina I24990 Schultheis 
14 BOYD, Mary Ann  Abt 1830Buncombe County, North Carolina I24989 Schultheis 
15 BOYD, Nancy  Abt 1837Buncombe County, North Carolina I24991 Schultheis 
16 BOYD, Robert  Abt 1841Buncombe County, North Carolina I24993 Schultheis 
17 BOYD, Samuel  Abt 1839Buncombe County, North Carolina I24992 Schultheis 
18 BRYSON, Elizabeth  Abt 1810Buncombe County, North Carolina I24800 Schultheis 
19 BUCHANAN, Paul Lawrence Jr.  8 Sep 1929Buncombe County, North Carolina I188 Schultheis 
20 BUCKNER, William A.  Abt 1836Buncombe County, North Carolina I25080 Schultheis 
21 CALLOWAY, Frances  29 Feb 1792Buncombe County, North Carolina I5581 Schultheis 
22 CARPENTER, Christina  Abt 1807Buncombe County, North Carolina I40060 Schultheis 
23 COLEMAN, Mary I.  3 Oct 1817Buncombe County, North Carolina I43168 Schultheis 
24 DAVIS, Sally  Abt 1806Buncombe County, North Carolina I24724 Schultheis 
25 DEWEESE, Henry  Abt 1800Buncombe County, North Carolina I25316 Schultheis 
26 DEWEESE, William  Abt 1805Buncombe County, North Carolina I24723 Schultheis 
27 DRYMAN, Dorcas Amanda  11 Jun 1816Buncombe County, North Carolina I48336 Schultheis 
28 DRYMAN, Elvira  Abt 1826Buncombe County, North Carolina I48339 Schultheis 
29 DRYMAN, James A.  Abt 1824Buncombe County, North Carolina I48338 Schultheis 
30 DRYMAN, John D.  Abt 1811Buncombe County, North Carolina I48335 Schultheis 
31 DRYMAN, Mary Eliza  Abt 1810Buncombe County, North Carolina I48334 Schultheis 
32 DRYMAN, William N.  23 Oct 1813Buncombe County, North Carolina I40148 Schultheis 
33 ELMORE, Hugh H.  Abt 1823Buncombe County, North Carolina I38754 Schultheis 
34 ELMORE, William T.  Abt 1821Buncombe County, North Carolina I25108 Schultheis 
35 FRANKS, Amy E.  Abt 1848Buncombe County, North Carolina I10034 Schultheis 
36 FRANKS, Garrett D.  Abt 1819Buncombe County, North Carolina I10010 Schultheis 
37 FRANKS, Garrett Murray  Abt 1849Buncombe County, North Carolina I10039 Schultheis 
38 FRANKS, James Davis  6 May 1817Buncombe County, North Carolina I10009 Schultheis 
39 FRANKS, John Robert  18 Jan 1831Buncombe County, North Carolina I10014 Schultheis 
40 FRANKS, Joshua B.  Abt 1820Buncombe County, North Carolina I10011 Schultheis 
41 FRANKS, Mary A.  Abt 1843Buncombe County, North Carolina I10038 Schultheis 
42 FRANKS, Mary Elizabeth  Abt 1811Buncombe County, North Carolina I10007 Schultheis 
43 FRANKS, William H.  Abt 1845Buncombe County, North Carolina I12195 Schultheis 
44 FRANKS, William M.  Abt 1814Buncombe County, North Carolina I10008 Schultheis 
45 GENTRY, Harriett  27 Mar 1867Buncombe County, North Carolina I48374 Schultheis 
46 GILLESPIE, John  Abt 1803Buncombe County, North Carolina I25232 Schultheis 
47 GILLESPIE, Marion  Abt 1825Buncombe County, North Carolina I25043 Schultheis 
48 GRIBBLE, Robert Watson  2 May 1811Buncombe County, North Carolina I8315 Schultheis 
49 HENDERSON, Elizabeth  Abt 1814Buncombe County, North Carolina I24870 Schultheis 
50 HENDERSON, Elizabeth  12 Aug 1831Buncombe County, North Carolina I2436 Schultheis 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ABSHER, Milton McIver  Abt Feb 1979Buncombe County, North Carolina I14809 Schultheis 
2 ADAMS, William Marion  27 Oct 2001Buncombe County, North Carolina I10557 Schultheis 
3 AMMONS, Lula Elizabeth  30 Oct 1955Buncombe County, North Carolina I36545 Schultheis 
4 ANGEL, I. Lena  17 Jan 1945Buncombe County, North Carolina I43995 Schultheis 
5 ANGEL, William Lloyd Jr.  17 Aug 1960Buncombe County, North Carolina I44000 Schultheis 
6 BIRCHFIELD, Edith Lucille  26 Oct 2001Buncombe County, North Carolina I31298 Schultheis 
7 BRADLEY, Virginia  22 Sep 1982Buncombe County, North Carolina I6481 Schultheis 
8 BRENDLE, Evelyn  7 Feb 2014Buncombe County, North Carolina I49807 Schultheis 
9 BRYANT, Bruce Dickerson  28 Dec 2010Buncombe County, North Carolina I42650 Schultheis 
10 CABE, Nellie  Buncombe County, North Carolina I48466 Schultheis 
11 CALLOWAY, John Lester  26 Jul 1994Buncombe County, North Carolina I34710 Schultheis 
12 CLEMENTS, Odena Mae  15 Dec 1986Buncombe County, North Carolina I36369 Schultheis 
13 CLOUSE, Donald Leon  25 Feb 1991Buncombe County, North Carolina I10593 Schultheis 
14 COLE, Blanche Magdeline  5 Aug 1969Buncombe County, North Carolina I2096 Schultheis 
15 CONLEY, Hester Florance  Abt 1987Buncombe County, North Carolina I40981 Schultheis 
16 CONLEY, Katherine  19 Dec 1997Buncombe County, North Carolina I47443 Schultheis 
17 CORBIN, Kristine Paige  18 Apr 1970Buncombe County, North Carolina I36590 Schultheis 
18 CORBIN, Robert Rogers Jr.  1 Jun 2002Buncombe County, North Carolina I38333 Schultheis 
19 CRAWFORD, Nickey Lewis  Abt 2012Buncombe County, North Carolina I49051 Schultheis 
20 DALTON, Nina Pearl  6 Jun 1995Buncombe County, North Carolina I2095 Schultheis 
21 DILLS, Ernest Montgomery  28 May 1987Buncombe County, North Carolina I11063 Schultheis 
22 DILLS, Ethel Mae  11 Sep 1995Buncombe County, North Carolina I10447 Schultheis 
23 DILLS, George Dee Sr.  11 Sep 1979Buncombe County, North Carolina I17905 Schultheis 
24 DONALDSON, Jacob Lawrence  8 Jun 1969Buncombe County, North Carolina I13114 Schultheis 
25 DOWNS, Floyd William  9 Aug 1972Buncombe County, North Carolina I2622 Schultheis 
26 DUCKETT, Frank Weaver  10 Sep 1976Buncombe County, North Carolina I43063 Schultheis 
27 ELLIOTT, Bida Marie  28 May 1992Buncombe County, North Carolina I38348 Schultheis 
28 ELLIOTT, Ila Edith  29 Aug 1993Buncombe County, North Carolina I2278 Schultheis 
29 FRANCIS, William Herman  16 Mar 1986Buncombe County, North Carolina I198 Schultheis 
30 GREGORY, Rosetta  15 Aug 1966Buncombe County, North Carolina I28004 Schultheis 
31 HALL, Robert Moody Jr.  18 Feb 1987Buncombe County, North Carolina I195 Schultheis 
32 HASKETT, Lydia Angeline  17 Mar 1990Buncombe County, North Carolina I36381 Schultheis 
33 HEDDEN, Gus Daniel  13 Apr 1987Buncombe County, North Carolina I18280 Schultheis 
34 HENRY, Leon Ward  11 Feb 1983Buncombe County, North Carolina I191 Schultheis 
35 HENRY, Rachel Diane  17 Aug 1973Buncombe County, North Carolina I30706 Schultheis 
36 HENRY, Wade Hampton  7 Dec 1924Buncombe County, North Carolina I2097 Schultheis 
37 HIGDON, Howard Randolph  27 Jan 1984Buncombe County, North Carolina I15928 Schultheis 
38 HIGDON, J. C.  29 Sep 1998Buncombe County, North Carolina I41197 Schultheis 
39 HIGDON, James Dean  4 Jul 1997Buncombe County, North Carolina I15623 Schultheis 
40 HIGDON, Jessie Mildred  17 Dec 2004Buncombe County, North Carolina I2395 Schultheis 
41 HIGDON, John Wanamaker  4 Jun 1970Buncombe County, North Carolina I1688 Schultheis 
42 HIGDON, Joseph Huffman Sr.  21 Feb 1975Buncombe County, North Carolina I15941 Schultheis 
43 HIGDON, Joseph Wayne  27 Feb 1978Buncombe County, North Carolina I2393 Schultheis 
44 HIGDON, Leslie Bragg  15 Jul 1959Buncombe County, North Carolina I1690 Schultheis 
45 HIGDON, Lewis Lefferts  21 Jan 1998Buncombe County, North Carolina I1698 Schultheis 
46 HIGDON, Mary Irene  3 Mar 1983Buncombe County, North Carolina I2391 Schultheis 
47 HIGDON, Samuel Willard  11 Jan 1997Buncombe County, North Carolina I1703 Schultheis 
48 HIGDON, William Caswell  2 Jul 1977Buncombe County, North Carolina I14152 Schultheis 
49 HIGDON, William Logan Sr.  6 Jan 1941Buncombe County, North Carolina I2371 Schultheis 
50 HOGSED, Evan Washington  18 Jun 2000Buncombe County, North Carolina I14084 Schultheis 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 WOODBURY, Margaret  Buncombe County, North Carolina I50186 Schultheis 
2 WOODBURY, Pauline  Buncombe County, North Carolina I50188 Schultheis 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 GIBSON / EDWARDS  4 May 1941Buncombe County, North Carolina F5221 Schultheis 
2 HAMLETT / CARPENTER  20 Jun 1887Buncombe County, North Carolina F1861 Schultheis 
3 HIGDON / RICH  16 Oct 1888Buncombe County, North Carolina F1035 Schultheis 
4 KILPATRICK / TEAGUE  6 Jan 1852Buncombe County, North Carolina F3109 Schultheis 
5 MOORE / STEWART  Bef 1827Buncombe County, North Carolina F1001 Schultheis 
6 PEEK / MOORE  Between 1810 and 1818Buncombe County, North Carolina F1239 Schultheis 
7 REDMOND / PEEK  Abt 1811Buncombe County, North Carolina F434 Schultheis 
8 STEWART / UNKNOWN  Between 1800 and 1807Buncombe County, North Carolina F1915 Schultheis