Burke County, North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ADAMS, Bannister  15 Oct 1826Burke County, North Carolina I5978 Schultheis 
2 AMMONS, Joshua  14 Feb 1800Burke County, North Carolina I11362 Schultheis 
3 BALLEW, Elizabeth  Abt 1833Burke County, North Carolina I34759 Schultheis 
4 BALLEW, Newton  Abt 1838Burke County, North Carolina I34761 Schultheis 
5 BALLEW, Samuel  Abt 1830Burke County, North Carolina I34758 Schultheis 
6 BALLEW, Thaddeus  Abt 1842Burke County, North Carolina I34762 Schultheis 
7 BALLEW, William  Abt 1835Burke County, North Carolina I34760 Schultheis 
8 BARNES, Rebecca  6 May 1818Burke County, North Carolina I25339 Schultheis 
9 BARRETT, Florence Sumner  Abt 1893Burke County, North Carolina I50249 Schultheis 
10 BERRY, Logan  13 Dec 1813Burke County, North Carolina I2152 Schultheis 
11 BIRD, Celia Brittian  Abt 1832Burke County, North Carolina I43248 Schultheis 
12 BIRD, Clark S.  Abt 1800Burke County, North Carolina I43231 Schultheis 
13 BIRD, Elizabeth Jane  Abt 1830Burke County, North Carolina I43246 Schultheis 
14 BIRD, John Williamson  Abt 1825Burke County, North Carolina I43243 Schultheis 
15 BIRD, Joshua Curtis  Abt 1828Burke County, North Carolina I43245 Schultheis 
16 BIRD, Louisa Delila  Abt 1832Burke County, North Carolina I43247 Schultheis 
17 BOONE, Jemima  27 May 1786Burke County, North Carolina I2182 Schultheis 
18 BRISTON, Martha Jane  Abt 1834Burke County, North Carolina I14072 Schultheis 
19 BUCHANAN, Eleanor  17 Sep 1810Burke County, North Carolina I8189 Schultheis 
20 BUCHANAN, Elizabeth  Abt 1816Burke County, North Carolina I8193 Schultheis 
21 BUCHANAN, Eva Jane  Abt Sep 1814Burke County, North Carolina I1642 Schultheis 
22 BUCHANAN, George  Abt 1812Burke County, North Carolina I30772 Schultheis 
23 BUCHANAN, James Jr.  30 Jan 1796Burke County, North Carolina I5514 Schultheis 
24 BUCHANAN, Margaret  20 Aug 1805Burke County, North Carolina I2945 Schultheis 
25 BUCHANAN, Martha  Abt 1812Burke County, North Carolina I8191 Schultheis 
26 BUCHANAN, Mary  26 Sep 1806Burke County, North Carolina I30770 Schultheis 
27 BUCHANAN, Rebecca  Abt 1818Burke County, North Carolina I30775 Schultheis 
28 BUCHANAN, Samuel III  27 May 1817Burke County, North Carolina I23499 Schultheis 
29 BUCHANAN, Sarah  Abt 1801Burke County, North Carolina I2967 Schultheis 
30 BUCHANAN, Sarah Elizabeth  29 Apr 1813Burke County, North Carolina I8316 Schultheis 
31 BURCHFIELD, Arabella Marilla  Abt 1811Burke County, North Carolina I2970 Schultheis 
32 BURLESON, Charles  21 Dec 1829Burke County, North Carolina I3151 Schultheis 
33 BURLESON, Nancy  Abt 1827Burke County, North Carolina I3150 Schultheis 
34 BURLESON, Senia  Abt 1826Burke County, North Carolina I3064 Schultheis 
35 BURLESON, William  25 Jul 1805Burke County, North Carolina I2971 Schultheis 
36 BURLESON, William  Abt 1831Burke County, North Carolina I3065 Schultheis 
37 CARPENTER, David  Abt 1806Burke County, North Carolina I2977 Schultheis 
38 CARPENTER, Elizabeth  Abt 1820Burke County, North Carolina I2981 Schultheis 
39 CARPENTER, Frances Matilda  9 Dec 1828Burke County, North Carolina I2984 Schultheis 
40 CARPENTER, Levi  Abt 1816Burke County, North Carolina I2980 Schultheis 
41 CARPENTER, Mary  15 Feb 1826Burke County, North Carolina I2983 Schultheis 
42 CARPENTER, Nancy  Abt 1821Burke County, North Carolina I2982 Schultheis 
43 CARPENTER, Samuel  3 Jan 1814Burke County, North Carolina I2979 Schultheis 
44 CARPENTER, Sophia  Abt 1809Burke County, North Carolina I2978 Schultheis 
45 CARPENTER, William  Abt 1804Burke County, North Carolina I2976 Schultheis 
46 CARPENTER, William  8 Nov 1830Burke County, North Carolina I3199 Schultheis 
47 CLONTZ, Joseph Kelly  3 Mar 1897Burke County, North Carolina I6454 Schultheis 
48 CONLEY, Andrew Jackson  Abt 1818Burke County, North Carolina I34750 Schultheis 
49 CONLEY, Bryant  6 Aug 1786Burke County, North Carolina I34745 Schultheis 
50 CONLEY, David Bryant  6 Jun 1816Burke County, North Carolina I34749 Schultheis 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ANGEL, William Leanders  9 Oct 1953Burke County, North Carolina I37037 Schultheis 
2 BARRINGER, Mathias Sr.  Abt Jul 1776Burke County, North Carolina I3890 Schultheis 
3 BERRY, William Jackson Jr.  24 May 2000Burke County, North Carolina I10821 Schultheis 
4 CALLOWAY, Charles  Aft 1810Burke County, North Carolina I585 Schultheis 
5 DAVIS, Catherine  Burke County, North Carolina I2964 Schultheis 
6 GRIBBLE, John  Abt 1808Burke County, North Carolina I8306 Schultheis 
7 HEDDEN, Willard Everett  29 Mar 1959Burke County, North Carolina I30650 Schultheis 
8 HIGDON, A. Leander  10 Dec 1923Burke County, North Carolina I5501 Schultheis 
9 HIGDON, Americus McDowell  8 Dec 1956Burke County, North Carolina I15938 Schultheis 
10 HIGDON, Claude  9 Jul 1973Burke County, North Carolina I11099 Schultheis 
11 HIGDON, Leonard Abraham  14 Jul 1943Burke County, North Carolina I1844 Schultheis 
12 HIGDON, Oscar  24 Jan 1963Burke County, North Carolina I33950 Schultheis 
13 HIGDON, Thomas  Bef 1805Burke County, North Carolina I1962 Schultheis 
14 HOLLAWAY, Jane  31 May 1877Burke County, North Carolina I2179 Schultheis 
15 MCDOWELL, Orpha Jane  27 Mar 1970Burke County, North Carolina I2151 Schultheis 
16 MOSES, Eva Drucella  14 Feb 1996Burke County, North Carolina I13334 Schultheis 
17 NEELY, Mollie  26 Oct 1970Burke County, North Carolina I42417 Schultheis 
18 PEEK, John Frank  17 Nov 1969Burke County, North Carolina I32089 Schultheis 
19 RAMSEY, Rebecca  Aft 1850Burke County, North Carolina I30769 Schultheis 
20 ROPER, James  Abt 1853Burke County, North Carolina I47310 Schultheis 
21 ROTEN, Alexander  17 Sep 1915Burke County, North Carolina I62 Schultheis 
22 ROTEN, Mary A.  10 Jun 1928Burke County, North Carolina I110 Schultheis 
23 ROTEN, Roy A.  29 Sep 1957Burke County, North Carolina I751 Schultheis 
24 SETZER, Daniel  29 Mar 1872Burke County, North Carolina I2168 Schultheis 
25 VAUGHN, William  Between 1820 and 1825Burke County, North Carolina I2966 Schultheis 
26 WALDROOP, Myrt  27 Sep 1972Burke County, North Carolina I12465 Schultheis 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BURLESON / DAVIS  Abt 1810Burke County, North Carolina F1740 Schultheis 
2 BURLESON / DAVIS  Abt 1825Burke County, North Carolina F1748 Schultheis 
3 BURLESON / TOLLEY  6 Aug 1876Burke County, North Carolina F1842 Schultheis 
4 CARPENTER / DAVIS  Abt 1800Burke County, North Carolina F1736 Schultheis 
5 CARPENTER / UNKNOWN  Abt 1829Burke County, North Carolina F1757 Schultheis 
6 CARPENTER / WILSON  15 Nov 1831Burke County, North Carolina F1756 Schultheis 
7 COWAN / BUCHANAN  Abt 1799Burke County, North Carolina F3964 Schultheis 
8 DAVIS / BUCHANAN  Abt 1820Burke County, North Carolina F1744 Schultheis 
9 DAVIS / BURCHFIELD  9 Nov 1830Burke County, North Carolina F1747 Schultheis 
10 DAVIS / CARPENTER  Abt 1790Burke County, North Carolina F1735 Schultheis 
11 DAVIS / DAVIS  8 Apr 1832Burke County, North Carolina F1749 Schultheis 
12 DEAN / DAVIS  Between 1850 and 1860Burke County, North Carolina F1741 Schultheis 
13 GRIBBLE / FRIZELL  14 Jan 1819Burke County, North Carolina F4049 Schultheis 
14 HIGDON / HUFFMAN  12 Dec 1815Burke County, North Carolina F1003 Schultheis 
15 JONES / HIGDON  9 Dec 1814Burke County, North Carolina F1198 Schultheis 
16 MONTEITH / GRIBBLE  14 Oct 1814Burke County, North Carolina F4050 Schultheis 
17 SETZER / CRISP  17 Dec 1828Burke County, North Carolina F1685 Schultheis 
18 SETZER / HOLLAWAY  4 Jun 1814Burke County, North Carolina F1321 Schultheis 
19 SETZER / PEARCY  24 Aug 1856Burke County, North Carolina F1688 Schultheis 
20 SETZER / SHELL  23 Jan 1810Burke County, North Carolina F1320 Schultheis 
21 SETZER / SHELL  Abt 1825Burke County, North Carolina F1684 Schultheis 
22 SETZER / TURMIRE  10 Aug 1815Burke County, North Carolina F1322 Schultheis 
23 VANCE / DAVIS  Between 1820 and 1825Burke County, North Carolina F1743 Schultheis 
24 VAUGHN / DAVIS  2 Sep 1814Burke County, North Carolina F1742 Schultheis 
25 WISE / DAVIS  Between 1820 and 1825Burke County, North Carolina F1746 Schultheis