Greenville County, South Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 AMMONS, Grace Rosetta  6 Apr 1911Greenville County, South Carolina I37926 Schultheis 
2 BURNS, Richard Haegel  Abt 1836Greenville County, South Carolina I2449 Schultheis 
3 CALLOWAY, Charlotte  Abt Oct 1845Greenville County, South Carolina I38266 Schultheis 
4 COWART, Sally Elizabeth  1 Oct 1874Greenville County, South Carolina I33444 Schultheis 
5 HENDERSON, Glen Robert  20 Mar 1905Greenville County, South Carolina I33435 Schultheis 
6 KAY, Mary Ann  18 Jan 1946Greenville County, South Carolina I49078 Schultheis 
7 LEOPARD, Duane  25 Jan 1924Greenville County, South Carolina I49067 Schultheis 
8 LEOPARD, Milton  3 Jun 1921Greenville County, South Carolina I49066 Schultheis 
9 LEOPARD, Roy  28 Jun 1912Greenville County, South Carolina I49068 Schultheis 
10 LEOPARD, Wilton  3 Jun 1921Greenville County, South Carolina I49065 Schultheis 
11 RICE, Benjamin Claude Sr.  19 Mar 1898Greenville County, South Carolina I49070 Schultheis 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 AMMONS, Anna Belle  6 Apr 1989Greenville County, South Carolina I37610 Schultheis 
2 AMMONS, Cora Eugenia  28 Oct 1997Greenville County, South Carolina I37613 Schultheis 
3 AMMONS, Elbert Wesley  30 Jun 1963Greenville County, South Carolina I37612 Schultheis 
4 AMMONS, Fred Cleveland  3 Sep 1993Greenville County, South Carolina I37609 Schultheis 
5 AMMONS, Grace Rosetta  28 Sep 1976Greenville County, South Carolina I37926 Schultheis 
6 AMMONS, Sadie Sarah  19 Mar 1977Greenville County, South Carolina I37614 Schultheis 
7 AMMONS, William David  19 Jun 1911Greenville County, South Carolina I37607 Schultheis 
8 BISHOP, Bessie  Abt 1923Greenville County, South Carolina I37923 Schultheis 
9 BRYSON, John A.  13 Sep 1931Greenville County, South Carolina I37692 Schultheis 
10 CORBIN, Pearl Odessa  28 Dec 2006Greenville County, South Carolina I14009 Schultheis 
11 GIBSON, Cornelius Neal  27 Apr 1982Greenville County, South Carolina I38108 Schultheis 
12 HARRIS, George Robert  3 Dec 1951Greenville County, South Carolina I36168 Schultheis 
13 KAY, James H.  5 Apr 1992Greenville County, South Carolina I49076 Schultheis 
14 KAY, Mary Ann  6 Nov 1995Greenville County, South Carolina I49078 Schultheis 
15 LEOPARD, Ethel  3 Oct 1993Greenville County, South Carolina I49064 Schultheis 
16 LEOPARD, Roy  1 Jun 1978Greenville County, South Carolina I49068 Schultheis 
17 LEOPARD, Wilton  23 Jul 1997Greenville County, South Carolina I49065 Schultheis 
18 LONG, Floyd Thomas  16 Apr 1966Greenville County, South Carolina I14010 Schultheis 
19 MASHBURN, Ida Lilly  28 Jun 1957Greenville County, South Carolina I35433 Schultheis 
20 RICE, Jo Evelyn  Abt 1925Greenville County, South Carolina I49073 Schultheis 
21 ROTEN, Stella Faye  27 Aug 2012Greenville County, South Carolina I34 Schultheis 
22 WEBB, James Henry  2 Dec 1949Greenville County, South Carolina I36567 Schultheis 
23 WILLIAMS, John Montgomery  Abt May 1963Greenville County, South Carolina I36573 Schultheis 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BRYSON / MASHBURN  4 Mar 1922Greenville County, South Carolina F12771 Schultheis 
2 HIGDON / DEWEESE  21 Sep 1958Greenville County, South Carolina F6702 Schultheis 
3 SMITH / HIGDON  21 Sep 1929Greenville County, South Carolina F9901 Schultheis