Haywood County, North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 AMMONS, Joshua  Abt 1838Haywood County, North Carolina I37706 Schultheis 
2 AMMONS, Lucretia C. S.  29 Aug 1848Haywood County, North Carolina I36515 Schultheis 
3 AMMONS, Sarah  Abt 1830Haywood County, North Carolina I21314 Schultheis 
4 AMMONS, William  2 Mar 1833Haywood County, North Carolina I37705 Schultheis 
5 BENNETT, William H.  Abt 1857Haywood County, North Carolina I44404 Schultheis 
6 BIRCHFIELD, Edith Lucille  11 Mar 1911Haywood County, North Carolina I31298 Schultheis 
7 BLACKBURN, Cynthia Louisa  Abt 1845Haywood County, North Carolina I2139 Schultheis 
8 BLACKBURN, Levi A.  Abt 1843Haywood County, North Carolina I11380 Schultheis 
9 BOYD, Edna  29 Mar 1908Haywood County, North Carolina I190 Schultheis 
10 BOYD, William Riley  22 Oct 1875Haywood County, North Carolina I37445 Schultheis 
11 BRINDLE, Margaret Caroline  21 Nov 1839Haywood County, North Carolina I11387 Schultheis 
12 BROWN, Ann  7 Oct 1834Haywood County, North Carolina I5979 Schultheis 
13 BRYSON, Joseph Byers  Abt 1820Haywood County, North Carolina I10891 Schultheis 
14 BRYSON, Rachel  Abt 1812Haywood County, North Carolina I2459 Schultheis 
15 BRYSON, Samuel A.  16 Sep 1819Haywood County, North Carolina I2446 Schultheis 
16 BUCHANAN, Claude T.  18 Jun 1920Haywood County, North Carolina I17879 Schultheis 
17 BUCHANAN, Hilda  24 Jul 1918Haywood County, North Carolina I17878 Schultheis 
18 BUCHANAN, John  Abt 1822Haywood County, North Carolina I8268 Schultheis 
19 BUCHANAN, Joseph R.  12 Jul 1827Haywood County, North Carolina I23501 Schultheis 
20 BUCHANAN, Lucinda Caroline  7 Jun 1832Haywood County, North Carolina I32391 Schultheis 
21 BUCHANAN, Margaret Jane  10 Dec 1842Haywood County, North Carolina I8222 Schultheis 
22 BUCHANAN, Mary R.  24 Jun 1818Haywood County, North Carolina I2314 Schultheis 
23 BUCHANAN, William H.  1 Apr 1825Haywood County, North Carolina I23500 Schultheis 
24 BURNS, Nancy C.  Abt 1835Haywood County, North Carolina I11367 Schultheis 
25 CABE, Stephen  Abt 1813Haywood County, North Carolina I24687 Schultheis 
26 CARROLL, Joseph  4 Jun 1812Haywood County, North Carolina I4124 Schultheis 
27 CARROLL, Mary  Abt 1820Haywood County, North Carolina I4125 Schultheis 
28 CARSON, Rhoda  Abt 1834Haywood County, North Carolina I37736 Schultheis 
29 CARSON, Samuel John  Abt 1840Haywood County, North Carolina I36418 Schultheis 
30 CAYLOR, Mary L.  30 Mar 1822Haywood County, North Carolina I37137 Schultheis 
31 CHANDLER, James S.  Between 1810 and 1830Haywood County, North Carolina I3401 Schultheis 
32 CLARK, Sarah L.  Abt Mar 1827Haywood County, North Carolina I15949 Schultheis 
33 CORBIN, Elizabeth  19 Aug 1828Haywood County, North Carolina I6145 Schultheis 
34 CORBIN, William C.  Abt 1828Haywood County, North Carolina I2407 Schultheis 
35 CRAWFORD, James  7 Feb 1809Haywood County, North Carolina I38601 Schultheis 
36 DEWEESE, Katheryn Carolyn  23 Sep 1931Haywood County, North Carolina I28155 Schultheis 
37 DILLARD, Ruth  10 May 1842Haywood County, North Carolina I2320 Schultheis 
38 EDWARDS, Sarah Elizabeth  21 Dec 1868Haywood County, North Carolina I46218 Schultheis 
39 FRADY, Harvey Edwin  10 Aug 1835Haywood County, North Carolina I37752 Schultheis 
40 FRADY, Iva Jean  10 Feb 1930Haywood County, North Carolina I42017 Schultheis 
41 FRANCIS, William Herman  12 Apr 1909Haywood County, North Carolina I198 Schultheis 
42 GIBBY, Sarah  Abt 1803Haywood County, North Carolina I24773 Schultheis 
43 GIBSON, Elias P.  Abt 1846Haywood County, North Carolina I24963 Schultheis 
44 GIBSON, Eliza Ann  Abt 1843Haywood County, North Carolina I24962 Schultheis 
45 GIBSON, James Thomas  Abt 1851Haywood County, North Carolina I24966 Schultheis 
46 GIBSON, John Stewart  Abt 1819Haywood County, North Carolina I24959 Schultheis 
47 GIBSON, Martha P.  Abt 1850Haywood County, North Carolina I24965 Schultheis 
48 GIBSON, Martida  Abt 1848Haywood County, North Carolina I24964 Schultheis 
49 GIBSON, Samuel B.  Abt 1842Haywood County, North Carolina I24961 Schultheis 
50 GRIBBLE, James  Abt 1788Haywood County, North Carolina I8314 Schultheis 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 AMMONS, Wiley Rogers  23 Oct 2005Haywood County, North Carolina I42568 Schultheis 
2 BENNETT, William H.  Abt 1900Haywood County, North Carolina I44404 Schultheis 
3 BLACKBURN, Ruthie Cora Lee  14 Oct 1918Haywood County, North Carolina I14435 Schultheis 
4 BOYD, Edna  2 Jul 1994Haywood County, North Carolina I190 Schultheis 
5 BOYD, William Riley  14 Jun 1945Haywood County, North Carolina I37445 Schultheis 
6 BROOKS, Mattie B.  29 Oct 1973Haywood County, North Carolina I30855 Schultheis 
7 BROOKS, Myrtle Sarah  29 Oct 1973Haywood County, North Carolina I30856 Schultheis 
8 BRYSON, Daniel Granderson Jr.  25 Oct 1896Haywood County, North Carolina I32515 Schultheis 
9 BUCHANAN, Dorothy Jane  10 Oct 1960Haywood County, North Carolina I14059 Schultheis 
10 BUCHANAN, Emanuel Washington  18 Sep 1965Haywood County, North Carolina I2768 Schultheis 
11 BUCHANAN, Harry Edwin  6 Jul 1975Haywood County, North Carolina I32841 Schultheis 
12 BUCHANAN, Iva Lee  10 Sep 1929Haywood County, North Carolina I18012 Schultheis 
13 BUCHANAN, John Jr.  Abt 1839Haywood County, North Carolina I28454 Schultheis 
14 BUCHANAN, Robert Tymes  Abt 1949Haywood County, North Carolina I32459 Schultheis 
15 CABE, Ray Norman  24 Oct 1997Haywood County, North Carolina I2670 Schultheis 
16 CALLOWAY, Cora Ida  22 Nov 1969Haywood County, North Carolina I61 Schultheis 
17 CHANDLER, James S.  Abt 1837Haywood County, North Carolina I3401 Schultheis 
18 CHILDERS, Edward Candler  23 Jan 1974Haywood County, North Carolina I43068 Schultheis 
19 CORBIN, William  Abt 1811Haywood County, North Carolina I6009 Schultheis 
20 DAVIS, Commodore Spurgeon  9 Sep 1965Haywood County, North Carolina I31091 Schultheis 
21 DAVIS, Flora  27 Sep 1970Haywood County, North Carolina I37446 Schultheis 
22 DEAL, Martha Isabel  17 Jan 1984Haywood County, North Carolina I10730 Schultheis 
23 FORD, Ransom Virgil  16 Oct 1956Haywood County, North Carolina I14067 Schultheis 
24 GENTRY, Harriett  5 Mar 1915Haywood County, North Carolina I48374 Schultheis 
25 GIBSON, Effie  22 Mar 1983Haywood County, North Carolina I18135 Schultheis 
26 GREEN, Leonard  23 Feb 2000Haywood County, North Carolina I38116 Schultheis 
27 GREGORY, Roxie  Abt 1975Haywood County, North Carolina I47596 Schultheis 
28 HARMON, Mary  Aft 1860Haywood County, North Carolina I8427 Schultheis 
29 HEDDEN, Alafair  20 Apr 1975Haywood County, North Carolina I40467 Schultheis 
30 HENDREN, D. Blake  6 Sep 1948Haywood County, North Carolina I17687 Schultheis 
31 HENRY, Clydia Virginia  25 Aug 1993Haywood County, North Carolina I11055 Schultheis 
32 HENRY, Frank A.  16 Sep 1996Haywood County, North Carolina I36550 Schultheis 
33 HENRY, Thomas Leon  6 Jan 2014Haywood County, North Carolina I193 Schultheis 
34 HIGDON, Unnamed Twin  25 Jul 1839Haywood County, North Carolina I2293 Schultheis 
35 HOLLAND, Clell Madison  7 Sep 1985Haywood County, North Carolina I41025 Schultheis 
36 KEENER, Martha Callie  Abt Aug 1974Haywood County, North Carolina I2329 Schultheis 
37 KEENER, Mattie Elizabeth  17 Jun 2003Haywood County, North Carolina I2669 Schultheis 
38 KILBY, James Harvey  Abt 1859Haywood County, North Carolina I8878 Schultheis 
39 KILBY, William A.  Bef 1869Haywood County, North Carolina I15203 Schultheis 
40 KILPATRICK, James H.  18 Oct 1841Haywood County, North Carolina I1571 Schultheis 
41 KILPATRICK, Joseph Milton  19 Oct 1850Haywood County, North Carolina I4654 Schultheis 
42 KILPATRICK, Lewis H.  23 Oct 1828Haywood County, North Carolina I6016 Schultheis 
43 LAND, Isaac Sr.  Abt 1821Haywood County, North Carolina I29327 Schultheis 
44 LAND, Jeremiah Sr.  Abt 1822Haywood County, North Carolina I29331 Schultheis 
45 MCCLURE, Mrytle Eugenia  22 Nov 1995Haywood County, North Carolina I33623 Schultheis 
46 MCKAY, Harriet Lenora  19 Aug 1954Haywood County, North Carolina I2070 Schultheis 
47 MINGUS, Elizabeth  Abt 1854Haywood County, North Carolina I2110 Schultheis 
48 MOORE, Annie Jane  13 Oct 1959Haywood County, North Carolina I10630 Schultheis 
49 MOORE, Bessie Louise  28 Jul 1998Haywood County, North Carolina I37957 Schultheis 
50 MOSS, Fred J.  Abt Apr 1974Haywood County, North Carolina I2778 Schultheis 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 AMMONS / BRINDLE  19 Sep 1859Haywood County, North Carolina F5196 Schultheis 
2 AMMONS / CABE  14 Jun 1922Haywood County, North Carolina F5206 Schultheis 
3 BROWN / KILBY  21 Jan 1836Haywood County, North Carolina F4235 Schultheis 
4 BRYSON / BUCHANAN  Abt 1885Haywood County, North Carolina F4006 Schultheis 
5 BUCHANAN / GRIBBLE  16 Nov 1820Haywood County, North Carolina F565 Schultheis 
6 BUCHANAN / SISK  20 Dec 1884Haywood County, North Carolina F10638 Schultheis 
7 BUCHANAN / STILES  25 Mar 1816Haywood County, North Carolina F3962 Schultheis 
8 CHANDLER / STEWART  4 Nov 1835Haywood County, North Carolina F1921 Schultheis 
9 CORBIN / MCCLURE  26 Apr 1825Haywood County, North Carolina F1376 Schultheis 
10 CRISP / BUCHANAN  Abt 1836Haywood County, North Carolina F3967 Schultheis 
11 DILLS / BUCHANAN  15 Nov 1828Haywood County, North Carolina F10629 Schultheis 
12 FOUTS / BARNES  21 Jan 1836Haywood County, North Carolina F9340 Schultheis 
13 HALL / ROTEN  19 Nov 1941Haywood County, North Carolina F51 Schultheis 
14 HENRY / ROTEN  Abt 1935Haywood County, North Carolina F40 Schultheis 
15 HIGDON / DEAL  5 Jun 1937Haywood County, North Carolina F1462 Schultheis 
16 KERBY / MOORE  Between 1820 and 1825Haywood County, North Carolina F1241 Schultheis 
17 KILBY / DAVIS  6 Nov 1845Haywood County, North Carolina F4236 Schultheis 
18 KILBY / GURLEY  17 Dec 1846Haywood County, North Carolina F4238 Schultheis 
19 KILBY / LAND  18 Nov 1841Haywood County, North Carolina F3735 Schultheis 
20 KILBY / WILSON  5 Sep 1840Haywood County, North Carolina F4239 Schultheis 
21 KILPATRICK / BYERS  21 Mar 1869Haywood County, North Carolina F3112 Schultheis 
22 KILPATRICK / HUNTER  Between 1821 and 1822Haywood County, North Carolina F3064 Schultheis 
23 KILPATRICK / JUSTICE  6 Nov 1845Haywood County, North Carolina F3105 Schultheis 
24 KILPATRICK / WOODS  15 Dec 1827Haywood County, North Carolina F3067 Schultheis 
25 KINSLAND / GIBBY  11 Feb 1822Haywood County, North Carolina F3129 Schultheis 
26 LAND / KILBY  13 Aug 1831Haywood County, North Carolina F4077 Schultheis 
27 MCCLURE / ROTEN  8 Sep 1951Haywood County, North Carolina F64 Schultheis 
28 MCCRACKEN / KILPATRICK  25 Dec 1866Haywood County, North Carolina F3114 Schultheis 
29 MOORE / COOK  Abt 1820Haywood County, North Carolina F332 Schultheis 
30 MOORE / DAVIS  Bef 1820Haywood County, North Carolina F1237 Schultheis 
31 PRICE / KILPATRICK  25 Sep 1837Haywood County, North Carolina F3104 Schultheis 
32 REECE / KILBY  6 Aug 1839Haywood County, North Carolina F4237 Schultheis 
33 STEWART / WALLACE  17 Aug 1834Haywood County, North Carolina F1920 Schultheis 
34 TEAGUE / KILPATRICK  12 Nov 1851Haywood County, North Carolina F3111 Schultheis 
35 TERRELL / KILPATRICK  3 Aug 1865Haywood County, North Carolina F6212 Schultheis 
36 WRATHBONE / KILPATRICK  16 May 1832Haywood County, North Carolina F3103 Schultheis 
37 WRATHBONE / WILKINS  16 May 1832Haywood County, North Carolina F3074 Schultheis 
38 YARBORO / KILBY  15 Oct 1874Haywood County, North Carolina F6461 Schultheis