Wyoming County, Pennsylvania



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 AVERY, Lettie Alzary  19 Apr 1853Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I49948 Schultheis 
2 BEDELL, Addie B.  2 Sep 1911Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I22496 Schultheis 
3 BEDELL, Clara F.  10 Aug 1907Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I21902 Schultheis 
4 BEDELL, Raymond James  1 Aug 1909Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I21903 Schultheis 
5 BEDELL, Robert R.  23 Sep 1885Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I21851 Schultheis 
6 BOMMERSHEIM, Anna  22 Feb 1891Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I50095 Schultheis 
7 BOMMERSHEIM, Florence  7 Mar 1880Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I50070 Schultheis 
8 BOMMERSHEIM, Florenz Emma  25 Aug 1860Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I50083 Schultheis 
9 BOMMERSHEIM, Harry Leroy  4 May 1894Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I49952 Schultheis 
10 BOMMERSHEIM, Mary Elizabeth  28 Apr 1878Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I50092 Schultheis 
11 BOMMERSHEIM, Maude  25 Jul 1886Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I50094 Schultheis 
12 BOMMERSHEIM, Susanna  8 Sep 1855Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I50082 Schultheis 
13 BOMMERSHEIM, William Henry  16 Jul 1882Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I50093 Schultheis 
14 BONNO, Frederick J.  31 Dec 1866Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I50072 Schultheis 
15 BONNO, Lena B.  7 Apr 1882Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I50076 Schultheis 
16 BONNO, Mary Emma  3 Jan 1868Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I49937 Schultheis 
17 HICE, William A.  Abt 1866Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I22459 Schultheis 
18 SWARTZ, Abraham B.  19 Nov 1870Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I22451 Schultheis 
19 SWARTZ, Alice  Abt Oct 1893Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I22487 Schultheis 
20 SWARTZ, Austin  Abt 1897Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I22490 Schultheis 
21 SWARTZ, Carrie M.  1 May 1873Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I22452 Schultheis 
22 SWARTZ, Eva  Abt 1899Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I22491 Schultheis 
23 SWARTZ, Franklin W.  10 Feb 1863Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I22449 Schultheis 
24 SWARTZ, Fredrick J.  10 Apr 1859Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I22447 Schultheis 
25 SWARTZ, George Elmer  12 Jul 1861Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I22448 Schultheis 
26 SWARTZ, Leland  Abt Feb 1897Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I22488 Schultheis 
27 SWARTZ, Lester J.  9 Sep 1876Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I22456 Schultheis 
28 SWARTZ, Niles C.  30 Jun 1866Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I22450 Schultheis 
29 SWARTZ, Winifred Olive  2 Jul 1878Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I22457 Schultheis 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 AVERY, Lettie Alzary  11 Sep 1920Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I49948 Schultheis 
2 BEDELL, Adalade  11 Nov 1959Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I21849 Schultheis 
3 BEDELL, Clara F.  4 Jan 1999Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I21902 Schultheis 
4 BEDELL, Raymond James  14 May 1999Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I21903 Schultheis 
5 BOMMERSHEIM, Anna Marie Eva  11 Feb 1859Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I49947 Schultheis 
6 BOMMERSHEIM, Florenz Emma  21 Mar 1863Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I50083 Schultheis 
7 BOMMERSHEIM, Joseph  23 Feb 1866Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I49917 Schultheis 
8 BOMMERSHEIM, Katherina  11 Feb 1859Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I50081 Schultheis 
9 BOMMERSHEIM, Maria Theresa Rose  25 Nov 1941Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I49945 Schultheis 
10 BOMMERSHEIM, Mary Margaret Elizabeth  24 Dec 1908Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I49916 Schultheis 
11 BOMMERSHEIM, Susanna  2 Feb 1859Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I50082 Schultheis 
12 BONNO, Jacob T.  15 Jan 1907Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I49939 Schultheis 
13 BONNO, Lena B.  13 Feb 1908Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I50076 Schultheis 
14 EICH, Maria Elizabeth  Abt 1879Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I49918 Schultheis 
15 MILLER, Melissa  27 Sep 1881Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I21843 Schultheis 
16 SICKLER, Cynthia Ann  11 Aug 1896Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I22424 Schultheis 
17 SICKLER, George V.  Abt Oct 1865Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I22443 Schultheis 
18 SWARTZ, Ellen A.  2 Dec 1920Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I21840 Schultheis 
19 SWARTZ, Henry  4 May 1895Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I21842 Schultheis 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 BOMMERSHEIM, Soloman  28 Mar 1908Wyoming County, Pennsylvania I49949 Schultheis 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BEDELL / SICKLER  Abt Apr 1905Wyoming County, Pennsylvania F8350 Schultheis 
2 BONNO / BOMMERSHEIM  25 Dec 1860Wyoming County, Pennsylvania F16507 Schultheis 
3 ROBINSON / BOMMERSHEIM  20 nvo 1900Wyoming County, Pennsylvania F16575 Schultheis 
4 SINGER / BOMMERSHEIM  18 May 1897Wyoming County, Pennsylvania F16578 Schultheis 
5 SWARTZ / SICKLER  13 Oct 1853Wyoming County, Pennsylvania F8514 Schultheis